Can GutterRx™ Gutter Guards handle heavy rain?

Yes. Our gutter guards are designed to handle 14+ inches of rain per hour.

What is GutterRx made of?

Our gutter guards are made from 98% recycled aluminum and come with a lifetime warranty.

Will squirrels and birds still be able to make homes in my gutters?

No. Our design allows water through but prevents pests from building nests.

Is GutterRx nailed or screwed into the roof?

Neither. We leave your roof alone, instead attaching our gutter guards to your gutters and facia board.

Will GutterRx install over my existing gutters?

Yes. GutterRx can be installed over existing gutters.

Will GutterRx change the appearance of my house?

No. In fact, our gutter guards are virtually invisible from the ground.

How much will I have to pay?

The cost of your gutter guards depends on multiple factors specific to your gutters and home. You can learn more about the potential cost of your specific project by contacting us today and connecting with a dealer near you.

Can GutterRx prevent ice dams?

Because ice dams are caused by poor insulation and ventilation, our gutter guards can’t prevent them, but they can reduce the amount of ice buildup in your gutters, helping to reduce serious damage from split seams, loose hangers and disconnected gutters.

Will I be responsible for maintaining my GutterRx Gutter Guards?

Our gutter guards are designed to require very little, if any, maintenance.

Absolutely the best I have found to fight against pine needles and oak shedding. My company has put test pieces in multiple customer gutters, and we have found that GutterRx is your all-around best option.


The leaves just fall right off. Not a single clog. Not a single problem. This is amazing. Great product.

Richard B.

Best leaf covers out there for the money. They really keep the leaves and even pine needles out while letting water and snow through. Highly recommend it.

Sony J.

The guards have saved me countless hours of gutter cleaning on our two-story house. I have mature oaks and maple trees around my house, and my gutters would become clogged constantly before installing these guards.


I have tried many types and brands of gutter covers, but these are absolutely the best I have ever used.


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